Romancing The Soul

Reclaiming the Whole You

   Milos Island, Cyclades

    April 25 - May 2, 2019

Welcome to Milos Island

A Place of Wonder!

Born of volcanoes… Embraced by the Light and the Aegean Waves…Chiseled by Wind and Time

 Milos is a treasure of nature, with her mythical landscape and 72 beaches with the bluest water in the Aegean!


“When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.”
~Mary Oliver

A journey to Milos would be extraordinary at any time, but when you add Greek Easter into the mix, you'll find yourself entering into a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Reclaiming the Whole You

Milos is the island of Aphrodite, goddess of Love, Beauty, Grace and Abundance. She emerged from the waves and claimed the island as her own.


Like Aphrodite herself, Milos has always been an island of unparalleled beauty, grace and abundance, a jewel in the Aegean sea since ancient times.


Are you ready to reclaim all parts of yourself, even those you'd rather keep hidden, so your timeless beauty emerges whole again (as when you were born)?

Calling all wild and beautiful beings!

If you are up for experiencing yourself anew, sourced from the vibrant life force and wellspring within

      and ready for a ’dancing with the light and the waves' adventure with kindred souls who, like you,

have done their ‘human homework’ and are ready to

re-source themselves from freedom and joy


 .....then join us on our light-footed, light-hearted Milos journey!

Our Journey

Fly to Athens and from there choose a flight to Milos*, just a short hop across the sea. 

Once you set foot on the island we’ll shuttle you to the picturesque seaside village of         Pollonia,  our home for the next 7 days.

Find a new rhythm in your life as you take in the sounds and smells of the Aegean sea, explore the island's magnificent landscape, participate in ceremony, savor the delicious local food and wine, and dance with the locals!

            Enjoy a sailing cruise around the island (day trip) and explore some of the most                      extraordinary natural wonders and beaches

             Start your day with movement, dance or meditation on the beach; or wake up,                        step out of your room and have a swim in the Aegean!


             Enjoy daily walks, hikes and circle gatherings to chart our mythic journey as we                         'reclaim our whole'; storytelling, music, singing, ceremony, sacred theater,                                 dancing...and anything else the Aegean breeze whispers in our ear!

            Experience the magic of Greek Easter, and the midnight ceremony of the Light                         returning on one of the most beautiful and unique Greek islands. Visit the ancient                   catacombs in the village of Tripiti dating back to 1st century, carved   into volcanic                   stone.


* We can help with travel arrangements. Just call or email!    




Registration Type                                                       Rate   

Single Occupancy                                                      $1,795
Double Occupancy                                                    $1,275

Triple Occupancy                                                       $  995

Repeat Journeyers                                                    $1,575

Your registration covers:

  • Transfers from the airport to/ from retreat

  • Day trips to spectacular sites

  • Sailing cruise (full day)

  • Ceremonies & program

  • 7-night accommodations (ahhh, have you seen the pics?)

  • Breakfast daily, 4 lunches, 2 dinners (one of them is Easter dinner!)


Evenings are left to you to explore the magnificent village of Pollonia and nearby area!

  • Interested in bringing a friend or partner, who will not be attending the retreat? 

       See the "partner" rate on the drop down registration menu below.



Born and raised in Greece, Theodosia has been immersed in the transformational power of myth and ‘mythic mapping’ all her life, as a student and teacher. She creates ceremonies for individuals and groups going through life transitions, to facilitate stepping into the greater story and life we are born to manifest on Earth.

"My life’s work is about understanding and activating my larger story and facilitating deep understanding and full activation of my fellow humans’ Greater Story; participating in “the great reweaving of the garment of life."

Read More

Tricia is a professional speaker, coach, writer and soul-guide.   She is a leader of women's circles and aspires to assist women everywhere in stepping into the fullness of their voice and vision at this pivotal time in human history.  "Greece, for me, always feels like coming home.  I can think of no more appropriate setting than the mythic shores of Milos for making a journey of  personal renewal and healing." Read More


Ah, Aphrodite, if I sing no more to thee, God's daughter, powerful as God, it is that though hast made my life too sweet to hold the added sweetness of a song.

There is a quiet at the heart of love.


And I have pierced the pain and come to peace.

                                          -- Sappho

                        Your guides for this journey are Theodosia Southern and Tricia Webster 

Collectively, they have guided hundreds of friends and corporate clients in transformational journeys.

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