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CRETE 2017


"I look at my life now as "before Crete" and "after Crete." Our experience together was a pivotal moment. I took on a new skin, and when I did, the world changed."

2017 Participant

"It was beyond what I could ever have expected. I was taken places I didn't know I could go . . . a truly, transformational time in my life"

Kay Logterman
Monterey, CA


"Having traveled a lot in my life and having studied so many different esoteric and shamanistic paths, I can confidently say that the women's retreat to Crete was one of the absolute most deeply healing and transformative experiences I have had.
In that time, I felt what sisterhood truly feels like. The container that Theodosia created for us was supportive, nourishing and transformative. We were nourished with delicious, healthy food, we visited sacred sites, and communed in mediation, ceremony and dance. My soul was able to soar into new depths, being held in such a supportive and loving community.
I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be with such remarkable women in an unforgettable landscape. I felt as if I had found home - not just in the land, but in every aspect. Home.
Thank you for those moments. I will carry them with me always.
(and hope to return for another retreat!)

Liz Huston
Los Angeles, CA


Enchanted . . .

. . .vibrant, joyful, powerful journey of spiritual transformation. We left after a week forever changed. More than a year later we remain connected to each other by what we experienced on that sacred, ancient ground.

Brandi Katz

Aromas, CA

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