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Venus Rising Now

How is your life story unfolding dear Venus?

Are you excited to get out of bed every morning…or has it been too long since you felt that way?

Do you feel the fire in your belly that lets you know you are on your true path? A path that is ‘juicy’ and makes you come alive each day?

If it has been some time since you seized the moment with fervor and passion, looking for the beauty in the Now, how about we ask for some goddess help?

How about we let the Greek goddess of Timeless Beauty and Universal Love show us the way?

Are you ready for an adventure into wholeness?


Aphrodite is in a class of her own, as she is an alchemical goddess and has a magical quality: the ability to transform people. She alone of all Greek goddesses has magical powers of transformation that could cause both gods and mortals to change.

She has traits in common with other goddesses of Greek mythology, but does not belong in any group; she stands alone. Aphrodite cannot be grouped with the virgin goddesses, Artemis, Athena or Hestia.

She does what she wants, when she wants, and lives to honor and enjoy herself and the whole world! Ahhhh….doesn’t that sound like heaven?

When was the last time you enjoyed yourself dear Venus/ Aphrodite?

Aphrodite does not fit the profile of a vulnerable goddess either, such as Hera, Demeter, or Persephone, as she was never victimized by a man or made to suffer because of one.

Aphrodite wants to know and be known in her wholeness (here’s to loving the Whole of us- warts et all!). Her effect is not limited to the sexual and romantic. She feels platonic love, deep friendships, empathic understandings, creative ecstasy and soul connections. When a vision is supported, or a spark of creativity is encouraged, Aphrodite is rejoicing and dancing on Mount Olympus!

Aphrodite/ Venus loves interacting with people, and to her everyone she interacts with is unique and fascinating. She draws them out, and acts in an affirming and loving way, rather than being assessing or critical. She lives in the moment!

Are you ready to be in the moment and reclaim the gifts of your Wholeness?

If yes, join us on a juicy adventure to the island of Milos this April!

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