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Exo apo ton horo les polla tragoudia! (Έξω απ’ το χορό λες πολλά τραγούδια!)

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I reach to Theodosia again for some Sunday morning wisdom, and it is this expression that tugs at my heart today. Translation? If you stand outside the dance circle, you sing a lot of songs. I guess it's really saying it's easy to have an opinion about something if you don't do it yourself. For me it's more than that. I see how often I have "stood outside the dance circle" and pontificated, without ever joining in. Today, I am tired of my own voice. I'd rather join the dance, even if I don't know any of the steps, than stand on the sidelines critiquing the dancers!

I remember watching my stepson playing some version of a Star Wars video game when he was quite young. He'd pilot fighter after fighter, and go down crashing and burning, laughing as he did so, and starting a new game immediately. I'd never really played video games, but reflecting on his experience I realized that I'd more likely have tried to master the skills somewhere where no on could see my mistakes, before playing (and losing) before a room full of people. Ridiculous! The purpose was PLAY, not showing some level of mastery to others.

I write of this because I feel called to the dance floor. I regret every time I opted out of dancing (or singing, or even playing video games) for fear of embarrassing myself. Greece has always held the spirit of the word YES for me. Everyone is invited to the table. I will not be a sideline commentator for the rest of my life.

Please stop reading, and get up and dance, NOW. Click on the photo for some music!

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