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Our Vision for Milos: Re-membering our Whole Selves - Theodosia and Tricia

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The goddess has assembled us, a tribe of zesty, succulent women, convened on Milos to recreate ourselves and remythologize the divine feminine, alive and dancing, our souls spontaneously singing our heart-song.

Mornings are a magical time, where the taste of the salt air and the breeze awaken stirrings in our souls. We know our dreams have prepared us for the day. Our senses are awake, and the face we see in the mirror is the beauty we have always been but forgotten. The word on each of our tongues is Nai: Yes!

The crystal blue waters of the Aegean beckon us to play in them, letting the sun warm our hearts and bodies. The incredible landscape of the island invites us to experience it, and chart our soul’s journey to wholeness with it as our guide. Obsidian, gypsum, kaolin, perlite, bentonite and other unique rock formations are our guideposts on our journey to wholeness. They reveal their secrets and, as we honor them, gift us with their unique powers: releasing stagnation, self limiting beliefs, prejudices and hurts, strengthening of the heart chakra, forgiveness (Obsidian), cleansing, detoxing, stimulating circulation, returning to balance (Bentonite), spiritual evolution (Kaolin), grounding, stability, balancing energies (Gypsum), the gifts are bountiful!

Each woman’s voice finds its place in our community, and we all take our cue from the goddess of the island, Venus/ Aphrodite, goddess of unconditional love, grace, abundance, beauty. Each subsequent morning when we gather, the hugs last longer, and we come to know that even spending our time in silence would be enough. For we are together. We are whole. We have reassembled the cast-off parts of ourselves.

It is a time of feasting and dancing, of death and rebirth. As we light our candles at midnight, we renew our commitment to the path of love, beauty and wholeness. We are illumined. We are light.

We are the gift bringers. We are the gifted. We are the face of the goddess.

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