Theodosia Southern

Theodosia Southern is a leadership trainer and coach, transformation catalyst and shamanic healer. 


“In times of change, personal and global transitions and crises, it becomes essential to understand and tap into the “Great Narrative of our life”, our Larger Story, or” the Story behind the story”, and give birth to the unseen possibilities and hidden talents yearning to come forth into the light.

My life’s work is about understanding and activating my larger story and facilitating deep understanding and full activation of my fellow humans’ Greater Story; participating in “the great reweaving of the garment of life”.

Born and raised in Greece, Theodosia has been immersed in the transformational power of myth and ‘mythic mapping’ all her life, as a student and teacher. She creates ceremonies for individuals and groups going through life transitions, to facilitate stepping into the greater story and life we are born to manifest on Earth.

Her ability to facilitate deep soul healing journeys has been amplified by her extensive training in the healing practices of the Amazon and the Q’uero shamans of Peru.

When she was fourteen, the reading of Homer’s Odyssey and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey changed her life. Taking up the book’s suggestion to ‘follow your bliss’, she immersed herself in the study and practice of her own bliss: the ancient wisdom traditions of the world, healing practices, world mythology and archetypal leadership. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, Nile, and two daughters, Nefeli and Chloe. She teaches in the US and Europe.